The Pickery

The Pickery is a small cutting garden growing flowers, herbs, shrubs and other plants naturally in season.  We aim for the very best flowers – fresh, seasonal, scented and above all natural.

We sell flowers wholesale to florists and botanical stylists and garden-inspired bunches and buckets of flowers to the public. We’re on a mission to connect people with the plants and land that our flowers come from.

We believe flowers grown locally and naturally are infinitely more beautiful and interesting than those which are mass-produced or chemically enhanced. We work with nature, not against it.

We grow flowers without pesticides using sustainable methods and organic materials. We compost all green waste and package our flowers in compostable materials.

 We’re also on a mission to connect growers and florists to grow the use of seasonal and local flowers. 

During the 2020 COVID19 Lockdown Julie created an online directory to connect flower farmers and florists – the NZ Flower Collective.

Julie brings together her work as a coach and business mentor offering garden-inspired coaching workshops and business activation programmes for small-scale flower growers.