Leadership Development

I work as a leadership developer in three ways:

  1. One-to-one leadership development –  coaching and mentoring for experienced and first time leaders.
  2. Team coaching – helping teams to know, like and trust each other better so they can excel.
  3. Entrepreneurial leadership training –  facilitated workshops for accelerator programmes, in-house innovation teams and small businesses.

This work is conducted as the Founder of Just Lead.

Just Lead exists to humanise leadership.

Because leadership is not just for leaders, it’s a must for everyone. Especially if you work as a team or are starting or running a business.

We make leadership personal. And, all about people.

The kind of leadership development that helps people achieve whatever they want in work and life.

Just Lead encourages open-mindedness, collaboration and creativity and helps people work with their deepest talents, idiosyncrasies and imperfections – not around them.

By helping people to know themselves better – strengths, preferences and tendencies – they can bypass self-doubt, confusion and overwhelm that often holds them back from people the ambitious and personally powerful person they want to be.