Business Activation

Starting and building a business is a truly personal experience. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to being an entrepreneur. 

And, it can really put you to the test. 

Inspiring and exhilarating yet juggling starting and running a business can also be challenging, if not stress inducing.

And, when things get out of hand, the pressure rises, overwhelm can set in. You can go from loving your venture to feeling trapped, unfocused and ineffective.  On the worst days, you can feel like a total failure. 

I work with entrepreneurial people to figure out how to build a business that works for them and their lifestyle. 

With a focus on having an entrepreneurial mindset, plans and systems that combined build into a profitable, practical and sustainable business. Using lean principles and business tools that are simple to learn, and easy to apply. I help people design a blueprint for their business so they can act with confidence and get the results they want.

Regular coaching brings clarity, focus and consistency to your business so you can enjoy more freedom to work creatively and enjoy the rewards of your hard work.

For more information about business activation coaching contact me by phone or email.

Julie has teamed up with Christy Ralphs of Nourish Garden to co-create the Floral Business Activator. A business focused community of floral entrepreneurs. Together they offer coaching, mentoring and business activation workshops to help flower business owners work on their business as they work in it.