I’m Julie

I help people, businesses and flowers grow.


As founder of Just Lead, I coach leaders and teams of entrepreneurial enterprises. And, I run a small seasonal cut flower growing business called The Pickery.

What binds this work is nature – working with it, not around it. Human nature, and the natural world.

I work with entrepreneurs, leaders, and all kinds of people who want to make a bigger impact in the world. I especially love to work with resourceful women who activate enterprises of their own and floral business owners through the Floral Business Activator.

Leadership Development

Business Activation

Flower Growing

leadership developer

Leadership coaching

If you’re ambitious for yourself and the team you lead, you’re in the right place.

I help people to stop worrying about their leadership capabilities and just lead. It’s the fastest way to develop leadership skills and build your team. I founded Just Lead, we specialise in developing enterprising and entrepreneurial people.

business activator

Business leadership for women

Leadership consultant, executive coach and facilitator

Starting and growing a business can really put you to the test. Especially for women who want a thriving business and a life that they love. I help women develop themselves at the same time as activating their business ideas. so they can do more, with less, without the stress.

flower farmer

The Pickery

As a self-taught gardener now flower farmer, I grow flowers, herbs and foliage as nature intended in the open and in season. Our flowers are picked fresh to order for florists, event stylists and people who buy fresh flowers for special occasions and an everyday treat. I co-founded The Wellington Flower Collective, a coalition of flower growers in the lower North Island of New Zealand who work together to bring more local, natural and seasonal flowers to market.


About Julie

Leadership developer, business activator and flower farmer

For too many people, work isn’t as fulfilling, fascinating or fun as it could be. That’s how it once was for me. I help people do the work they are truly capable of using their personal leadership skills to full effect. 

I work with individuals, companies and contribute to New Zealand’s entrepreneurial ecosystem via work with Creative HQ who help people turn ideas into viable businesses and increase innovation in all sectors.