Want to re-invent your working life into a business life?

Start today. Get the ideas out of your head and into the world.
So often we crave work where we can be in charge of our own destiny. Have the freedom to choose what we do and when. But crafting a new career or starting our own business is a big step from working in a salaried job. As much as we want to feel fulfilled and work differently we also need to pay the bills.


I know the pain of working in job you no longer love. Wanting to live an entrepreneurial life but afraid to take the leap and not knowing where to start.

Rethinking our working lives can sometimes leave us stuck and confused. But with the clear forethought, practical planning and an honest assessment of what it takes to earn a sustainable living from running your own business is within our grasp.

Becoming an entrepreneur or independent practitioner begins with taking an honest look at you, your life and how your new business can affect and change your life. With clarity about your future working life you’ll gain the confidence to commit to making your work-dreams become real, and do the hard work it will need.

Achieving success working on your own or starting up a business means you must grasp the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. I help you get a grip of the basics to activate your new venture. Step-by-step you’ll build up a solid foundations of your business like honing and testing your idea, connecting with customers, creating a sustainable financial model, the ideal brand and marketing plan.

Doing great work, and leading great businesses, comes from creative and entrepreneurially minded people taking action. No more thinking. No more dreaming. The quicker you can get your ideas our of your head and into the world, the sooner you’ll be creating work that you love.

Changing anything in your life is like riding a rollercoaster. It can be frightening and exhilarating in equal measure. I work with you to help you create a clear plan and take the steps needed for you to reinvent your working life.




Business Activation Coaching

Starting and running a new business is like an extreme form of self development. It’s not for the feint hearted but with the right structure, support and tools you’ll have the clarity, confidence and commitment to a new working life.

Working privately one-to-one with me you’ll dive deep into your aspirations and goals, craft your business proposition and take the first steps towards building a viable business model. You’ll prepare for coaching conversations by completing a Activation Kit for Aspiring Entrepreneurs that contains hands-on activities and exercises that will help you think, plan and act.

The programme includes your own personal Business Activation Tool-kit (an electronic workbook) and 3 Activation Sessions (two-hour in person coaching by phone/skype or in-person in Wellington). 

  • Activation Session 1: Understanding You
  • Activation Session 2: Crafting Your Business Proposition
  • Activation Session 3: Building a Viable Business Model

At the end of the Activation Programme you’ll be primed to move your new business from dream-up to start-up.


For mid-lifers looking to start a business

You may be releasing your entrepreneurial ambitions later in life but you’re just just as cool as the young start-up crowd. Just not in such a hurry. You’ve learned a lot more about life, business and what it takes to earn a living but are now ready to start-up or scale up your own enterprising venture. 

Start-ups for Grown Ups is a small group coaching programme for people looking for a new lease in their working life to share your entrepreneurial spark with other like-minded people. Through a series of workshops and peer coaching sessions, Start-Ups for Grown ups will put your business nous to work in a collaborative way.

Sessions are designed to activate your business giving you the time and space to:

  • Work on your own idea or generate one that matches your talents and passions
  • Craft your business proposition and validate this with your ideal customers
  • Create a viable and sustainable business model
  • Establish business essentials – finance, marketing, legal, technology
  • Access other business building support and resources

The programme runs initially for 90 days with the option to renew to provide additional structure, support and business build tools to continue your entrepreneurial journey.





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