If leadership is anything, it’s about who we are as people and the impact we have in the world. I help enterprising people figure out how to live up to their ambitions in work and life. And, navigate working relationships with other people.

Ambitious people want to make things better. They want to do work that matters. And, create something in the world that they can be proud of.

To make anything meaningful happen in the world takes leadership. The kind of leadership that starts with imagination and emerges through powerful connection with people.

I enable people to bring clarity, focus and momentum to the way they lead themselves, and others. I help people tackle the hard stuff, the seemingly impossible and obstinate. To master the deceptively hard skill of being a high performing human.

I coach, mentor, facilitate and lead.  I’ve a reputation for being:

  • Bold and astute
  • Smart and sensitive
  • Business-like and caring
  • Insatiable curious and incurably optimistic.

I also grow flowers and am learning how to master the art of garden-inspired floral design.

With a career in leadership spanning more than 30 years, I know leadership from the inside-out and outside-in. Over that time, Ieadership has been redefined.

Leadership has gone from being a bi-word for people with power and control to being the personal power within all of us that makes change happen. For ourselves or others.

I founded Just Lead, a new brand of leadership to inspire people to do their greatest work. Especially creative thinkers and enterprising people. Just Lead aims to make developing leadership simpler and more fun.

People count on me to:

  • Turn their frustrations into inspiration
  • Switch anxiety to confidence
  • Freshen things up in their working world
  • Build greater collegiality through better conversations
  • Create high levels of creativity and productivity

Being a woman who leads has unique challenges that I’m driven to support. Triple Twist and The Threshold Project are two leadership programmes I co-created to help women starting and running their own enterprises. I was co founder of Food Gatherings that organised social dining events.

Becoming a flower farmer and starting The Pickery in 2018 has been one of the most physically and entrepreneurially demanding ventures to date. What started as a home-based business on the 6 acres where I live north of Wellington has allowed me to contribute to a wider movement across the world to bring more local flowers to communities, especially florists and event stylists.

I co-founded The Wellington Flower Collective and have applied my business leadership work to create a Flower Growers’ Business Activation programme supporting flower growers to build their businesses entrepreneurially.

As a Trustee and Board member of Good Bitches Baking, I’m part of a mission to make Aotearoa NZ the kindest place on earth. www.gbb.org.nz

The small print about me.

  • Experienced leader, executive and manager – over 20 years leading teams in marketing, communications, fundraising, strategic planning and corporate governance
  • Management and leadership consultant – over 10 years designing and delivering leadership, coaching, mentoring and team building programmes for companies, Government departments and not for profits.
  • Qualified executive and life coach with membership of the International Coach Federation – over 4,000 hours of coaching with more than 1,500 people. Certified DISC Consultant and trained as a Brainsparker creative thinking consultant.
  • Lifelong learner – MBA, PG Dip Marketing, PG Cert Gastronomy, and over 150 hours-coach specific training
  • Multi-passionate hobbyist – reading, writing, gardening, photography, cooking, walking, cycling, day tripping and basset hound slave.

You can check out my credentials on LinkedIn

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